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Pictures from Garo Hills :

Dakgrikram Lake
South Garo Hills, Meghalaya

Nokrek National Park Area

Nelbison Sangma
Pointing to the "Nest"

Destroyed Banana grove

Nelbison Sangma
Drawing the outline of footprint he saw

Footprint at Mandalgre Forest Area
June 2003 ( Size : 15 inches )

Our Mission........

Scratch marks on the tree trunk

Group of explorers studying the site
at Andol Chiring, Silkigre, Meghalaya

Fossil of marine creatures on a rock
( Jan 2007 )

Fossil Shells
( Jan 2007 )

Fossil of Aturia
Discovered by D. Marak in 1997

Trek to Nokrek National Park :
Rudy Sangma, Dipu Marak,
Alastair Lawson (BBC News )
& National Forest Guard.
April 2008

Looking for Mande Burung !
France 2 TV Team Arnauld and Dominique in Garo Hills :
14th August 2008

Come what may...
the search continues...!!!
Andrew Buncombe of
"The Independent" (London, UK)
7th August 2008

Scratch Marks on tree trunk !
Tambo A'ding, Garo Hills, India
7th August 2008

David, Andrew, Donbosco and Tengsim.
Tambo A'ding, Garo Hills, India.
7th August 2008.

Crossing the stream on our way to Tambo A'ding. 7th August 2008.